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Wear your Brand on your Sleeve!

Wear Your Brand on Your Sleeve!

I was told a lot as a child, ‘it’s not good to wear your heart on your sleeves’ because ‘you just may get hurt.’ Being vulnerable and transparent can lead to disappointment because others may not respond the way you want them to.’ As a dude, growing up in the streets of west Philly, I lived by this belief for a very long time. I understand, to show too much emotion could lead to a fist in the face. It’s a shame, but true.

I discovered that this belief system can become a trap for authentic communication, because it stifles our ability to express who we are and what we’re about. Our desires, values and goals go unexpressed, and we become stagnant, cold-hearted, unapproachable human beings who lack purpose.

The Heart is to the human body what Branding is to your Business.

Your business and products make impressions, and have unique messages that make them stand out, just like we do. They have something to say. They desire engagement and communication just like we do! Your desires and wants come from your heart, just as your company’s desires and wants come from it’s brand.

Your company’s brand pumps oxygen and nutrient-rich purpose to sustain the life of your company. The moment your brand stops communicating to its stakeholders, inside and out, your company becomes stagnant, cold and unapproachable. It dies.

So, wear your brand on your sleeve!

Make it clear how you feel about the services and products you offer. Let the desires you have for your customers satisfaction be loud and undeniable. Communicate your company’s vision and goals to everyone on the team with honor and integrity.

Here’s one way to wear your brand on your sleeve.

A logo is one of the most powerful communication tools for your brand. It serves as a visual identification tool that expresses your company’s desires, values and goals. Your logo’s color pallet, icon and font choice shape how people feel about your company. So if you’re going to wear your brand (heart) on your sleeve, you need an effective logo.

Check out a few companies that where their brands on their sleeves Here

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